Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We went with the missionaries last night to Kareena and her daug. who is abt 22. They are from another country by the Caspian Sea, and came here 5 yrs ago so the daug. could study at the University. She will grad. this summer in Foreign relations lanugage teacher, as she can speak 6 languages and 1 is english.. Anyway it was a great discussion. Kareena is the tramvi conducter we met a month ago and got her # and gave it to the elders. They live in a very nice, neat, clean, decorated so pretty, 1 room apartment. The apartment building is one of those that each family has their room, and on each floor they share a kitchen and a bathroom. Not sure how that works, the bathroom. We saw the kitchen and it is just a big room with a stove/oven and a sink, and a couple of cutting tables. In their aprt. they had a nice frig, just med. size. and an electric hot plate on the floor buy it. They had a computer desk, and a nice t.v. and it really was very comfortable to be in. That is our first experience to be inside that type of apart. living. That room was abt. the size of our living room here but just abt. 2ft narrower. abt. 20 x 14. and that was their bedroom, probably pulled the couch out. They were just so nice and Kareena said she felt so good having us all there, and didn't want us to leave.
We see alot of this in all kinds of weather.
Ludmelia and father who was a communist. She is a new member, he is not.

Maria & Zara
Well, remember Zara, and me telling you that her mom felt good abt being in our church, and happy that Zara is our friend and that she sees a difference in her since she started meeting with us. Well, her mom took a few lessons and was coming along so good, and THEN she talked to the priest at the Provoslovic church they belong too, and now it's over with for her mom, anyway. At one time Zara expressed the desire to go to the U.S. and work, like alot of girls want. And we told her if she could make it there, then we would help her get a job. She told her mom out of pure excitement, and the priest said that we only wanted her to get to the U.S. so we could keep her there and then steal her moms aprtm from her, and that we were a sect and of the devil. Well, he also is going to report us to some higher upity in Moscow. Zara is not happy abt. her mom, and the priest, even tho she said she probably will never join the church. But, we are still her friends no matter what, and that is what she wanted to hear. Don't concern yourself over what the priest said he will do, it is more than likely just a threat so they will not see us. They can't do anything anyway. We are going to the church tonight to a social for service men, which is celebrated on Monday 23rd.past and present servicemen. We are still seeing Maria and fam. , infact, we will get together with them next week for more UNO night. They don't want to have lessons either, but still want to be friends, and of course we are glad abt. that. You can really see how satan works. Those that are ready, he jumps right in and takes over!!!! Someday he will be squished.
Me & Zara

Us with Nina, Pres. Beyletskes mother, total russian-member.

Elder Gnatyshyn on left, Elder May on right-Lee's b-day shirt from them 100% Man!

russian torte, and only half as many layers as normal.
Learning to make Pirozhki ------

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