Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We got home here after 2 days of traveling on trains,and dad called Elder Gnatyshn to let them know we made it back o.k. And I had nothing to do with this next part. I heard him tell E.G. that he needed his help because I had fallen at the voxall in this snow storm. Elder G. said "which one and I am out the door"! Dad had to say really fast, NO , I was just joking, remember I never get even I always get ahead? Then Elder G. said, "I just wouldn't think you would joke about something as precious as Sister Gregersen". When he told me that, I just had tears and so did dad. Earlier Elder G. called us and said our landlady called him and she wants our apartment back because we haven't paid the rent yet. That is why the joke. But we haven't paid it because no one could get ahold of her and it was due on the 15th of Feb. So, now I must make Elder G. a batch of choc. chip cookies for tomorrow to make up for the bad joke. I made dad tell him I had absolutley nothing to do with the joke.

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Jerry said...

you could fill the cookies with laxatives. nothing is more exciting to watch then a missionary with the squirts! That should even out the playing field but dont eat any of his food for a while.
i love you both so much.
much love and aloha