Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 7

Made banana breads all afternoon, for zone conf. tomorrow and because I had to taste them to make sure they were edible I am sick as a dog. Taste did not mean 10 spoonfuls of dough! I am done baking for a month! ..........
We are back from zone conf. and pray for your dad as Pres. Harrison just called him to be the branch pres. for at least the next 3 months. He will be put in tomorrow and he is almost sick. I know he can do it with the Lord's help and the missionaries'. He will have to have one right by his side every time he goes to the church and does anything for the branch. He is a good organizer and I know he can do it. And it's only for the next 3 mos, they hope. Then one of the other men, hopefully, will have things worked out in his life affairs that he could be the pres. Things are very very different in this part of the world!!! and we still have to travel to the other branches every other weekend. I was so hoping we wouldn't have to continue that for awhile only because of all the trains we have to take, and have to stay over night when we go. But, we are here to serve the Lord, and we will try to do as He asks and do it with a willing heart. We love the Lord and our Savior and can never, ever, repay them for all their tender mercies and blessings they have given us and our family. Have a great day, and we send our love. Love, Mom and Dad

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