Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women's Day

Today was another day for Russians to celebrate for 3 days. women's day, and all females were to get flowers. And yes, they celebrate for 3 days, of drinking and no govt. offices open. So guess we can't pay our power and water bill tomorrow. These 2 branches had a great celebration last night. I wish so much we could have understood it, because whatever Alexander was quoting in a poem and songs made them all laugh. I got alot on my video because Alexander dressed up as a woman and sang a song, made us laugh just watching him. Until today, he was the 2nd counselor in the branch pres. These people know how to have good simple fun. Rocky, and the ladies that exercise with him, put on a great aerobics skit, and thank goodness I only attended it one Saturday!! or I would have been in it too. We can hear our neighbors right now singing and having a good time celebrating! Wish I could peek in on them. And definitely in high spirits! It's funny, really. These are cement walls abt. a foot thick, but might as well be paper, so that has stopped us from ever getting into a disagreement!!!! ha, ha! We know when someone showers, or uses the toilet above us, or walks around in heels. Lee did such a great job his first day of being Branch Pres. in a Russian branch and can't speak the language. Thank goodness for wonderful missionaries and members who can interpret. The Lord and the Holy Ghost are amazing helpers, don't you all think? I was glad that he has a strong heart, because when Pres. Harrison called him to this position last night, he got emotionally sick and we had to leave the party just a little earlier than we intended too. I told Pres. Harrison this morning that he sure knew how to wipe a smile off of someone's face fast! Many came up and said how grateful they were that the Lord sent him to this branch, and that they would do all they could to support him. Because of the time it takes to go 6 miles on tramvi, our day started at 8 a.m and we got back at 5. We would walk the hour and a half if it weren't for being in Sunday clothes and carrying a brief case. Hmm. Since he will have more meetings now than I need to attend with him, I will send him on his way, and then walk on over to meet him when he is done. We don't have a primary yet, only 1 boy, so he asked me to teach him so he wouldn't be turned loose to do nothing. 2 missionaries came in too, and helped me with the language barrier, and we had a great time. He, Micha, Michael in english, is 10 and not been bapized because he didn't want to be. His dad is Alexander the past 2nd counselor. Anyway he wanted me to teach him some english phrases, and we did it with the things he likes to do. And, guess what? He told us that he wanted to get baptized now. He is a cute boy, and really does good learning the language. It was a fun day. He loves Kit Kats, football {soccer}, black, his dog Rex,& fried potatoes. His words for this week. Well, hope you all have a wonderful week, and we send our love and prayers that all will be well with everyone. Love, Mom and Dad, alias, Lee and Corine

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