Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is a scrumptious shish-kabob {shashlychnaya} And we are having this great lunch with Alexander and Tatiana, and their son, Ivan. They do speak english, but Ivan speaks really good. This is one of the newest restaurants in Krasnodar. Great company and great food. See what senior missionaries get to do. We were so gald that they knew how to order, or we could have ended up with a pig ear or some such thing.
For example, we were at the store and thought we bought a box of brown gravy mix, but when I made some of it up, I knew within minutes we goofed again. The kitchen took on the strong aroma of horseradish and I mean strong.

This sweet lady is Tatiana, down in Sochi. It was women's week and she wanted to perform a special musical number for me since we wouldn't be there for their social. She is a great pianist and she wants to put on a production of some of the stories from the Book of Mormon with some of her musical friends and who are not church members. She is hoping that by them all working together that they might get more interested in the church.

Sister Harrison on left, Tatiana, her daughter, Katia, and son Micha, the 10 yr. old who wants to get baptized now. Elder Gnatyshn and Elder Dahl.
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Yeehaw said...

YAHOO!!! MOM, YOU DID IT!!! WAY TO GO!!! Nice post! Now I expect these more often!
Love you both!!!

tazboy68 said...

Marlo always beats me to the punch, she said exactly what I was going to say. She must not have anything to do but blog and play on facebook all day

Joanna said...

that last comment was left by me, not Tello