Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years Eve

Happy New Year tomorrow, It is almost noon here Wed. and it sounds like some of the russian "Festivites" have started in our apartment building. Not too loud yet. We were told that they celebrate until abt. 6:30 a.m. New Years. It is so cold outside that I stayed here while Lee went to the church to do an interview. It was 1deg. this morning, F. but is -20 C. I think it feels so cold because of the high humidity we aren't used to. When he returns, I hope it is a bit warmer so I can go to the postoffice and mail Clancey, Jamie, Francine, an Zac's birthday cards.
The Nutcracker Ballet was awesome!!! These russians are extraordinary performers.
Elder May gotsome good videos and I will download on my computer for you to see when we get back. We all then went to a pizza parlor for lunch and when we left there to get a tramvi back to our place, I abt. froze to death because one didn't come for abt. half hour. Last night we decided to go to the store fairly close by and get a few things, so I put on 2 pair of loung pants, plus panti hose, plus a pair of socks,boots. shirt, sweater, black jacket with liner, a hat, and 2 pr.gloves, 1 of those little soft stretch kind and the other was insulate cloth. Made it there and back without freezing, but it wasn't all that far, abt. 1/4 mile. Lee carried everything back in our big bag, and I carried the bag of ice cream just in my hands as I knew it wouldn't thaw at all. Our lunch guest list has dwindled a bit, 4 of themissionaries won't make it, and maybe Sergei, as he has been sick. but we still will have a good time playing games with Maria and fam.and Zara. Hope you all wake up to a healthy and pleasant day. Love, Mom and Dad

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Grams said...

I've been following your blog and have missed reading it for the past couple of months. We will meet you in March as that is when we arrive in the mission. Probably shouldn't leave my e-mail on this blog, but both Pres. Harrison and the Maxfields have it. I would love to hear from you and receive any suggestions about what to bring with us. Sounds like lots of warm stuff.....especially since we will be in Volvograd!

Look forward to meeting you,
Sis. Joyce O.