Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are You Happy?

We are. I was hopeing someone would be on IM. But, oh Well. I went to the internet center today after we helped clean the church, but it was closed. I wanted to look up the web site of Pres. Krivenko. as i wanted to see more of his paintings. if anyone wants to look at them and didn't get his web site. it's , he is an amazing artist. I was going to look up all the blogs, and facebooks too. that center is on a street called Krasniya, and about 4 miles of it is closed to traffic every Sat. and Sun. and maybe Frid. nights so people can just walk down the middle of the street, instead of just on the sidewalks. Now tell me how exciting that sounds!! probably 1/4 million will walk it, as that is about their only recreation spot in the city of 1 million. it is even monitored by alot of police. I will try again Monday. The English club, sponsored by the church, is starting up next Thurs. and dad and I passed out invitations yesterday and today. didn't have to say a word, just hand the invite to someone about shoulder level. If not, then they won't take it. We are going to do the conversation class, where people already know english pretty good, and want to improve, and they just talk about any subject. It is held at the church and sometimes someone wants to know about the church while they are there. If they do, then we visit with them after or before class. When we went to Novorossiysk last weekend, we got to hand out ones on Sat. for the missionaries. It was kind of fun to get rejected, snubbed, and noses turned up at you. even more fun when someone politly took it and was pleased to know that it was free classes. We are going to Sochi next Sat. and Sunday. It is the last weekend for the big tourists' to be there and was hard to get a hotel rm. not looking forward to the train ride, but, oh well. We also went on splits with the sister missionaries yesterday, and that was fun. Sure glad they did all the talking. dad went with one and i with the other on opposite sides of the street. one time dad and sister taylor stopped a lady, and sis. taylor was talking and saying that elder g. didn't know any of the language but was interested in meeting people. the lady looked at him as she was talking and said "he doesn't understand any thing we are saying?" No, sis. taylor said. a minute later the lady looks at him just smiling, and said "He really doesn't understand, does he?". was quite humorous. bright side is, they could be saying naughty things and we wouldn't get offended. The security man at the store behind our apartments is quite friendly with us now, and we walked in today to get things, and some young ladies were giving away free samples of beer, and when we walked in the man went over to them and said, " ? english" to them, to let them know we didn't speak russian. he even shook dad's hand when he extended his. they did ask, we could tell, if we liked beer! guess what our answer was? they were quite surprised we said we didn't like it, much less didn't drink it. but, they laughed with us. weather is pretty good. rains like crazy, then clears up, then next day it's warm and windy. almost hot, then does it again. still leave the windows open, no screens, and no flies. plus 1 !!!! the people upstairs, love their music very, very loud at times. no one complains, and i won't be the one to. the law is it has to be turned down by 11 p,m,. that canceled out the plus 1 !!! We are doing fine, inspite of the 24/7 cement. when we go out we try to find a little path of dirt. the little kids are so cute to watch, and reminds us so many times of one of at least one of the grandkids. It's amazing to me, to know that Heavenly Father has so many millions of children that He loves, and knows each person individually. I know He wants each one of us to find true happiness and return to be with Him. He knows our faults, and is willing to help us overcome them. I hope all is well with each of you, and know that we love you all very, very, much. And we miss you!!!! but, this is what we can do to repay, and such a small repayment it is, our Savior, for what He has done for us. Can never fully repay Him. We love Him so much, and we are trying to teach some of these choice people here that He loves them, and that they do have a Heavenly Father and a Savior. Take care of yourselves. Jonathan and Jamie please e-mail us as soon as possible abt. how things go on Monday. You are in our prayers. Love all of you. Mom and Dad - p.s. did I tell you they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, of course, or Christmas. Only New years, and on Jan. 7 or somewhere around that. and they close everything down for days, but celebrate with drinking and fireworks for 3 weeks. interesting, huh? If any of you have copies of good movies, you could send them in a flat rate envelope. I'll let you know what else we could use real soon.

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