Friday, August 15, 2008

I love my missionary!

Just a few pictures and details about Russia life.....
These beaches are nothing but rocks, round sort of flat some, to lay on. We found one area that had some sand and that is in a picture with thousands of people in a little area. see the picture and visualize a thousand more people because that is what was there, they just didn't show up like that in the picture

The facilities here have much to be desired, and how about the safety of that door lock?

Us in Gorachy Klyuch kissing on a rock. We were supposed to show people we really cared for each other, does that count?
Us and a girl Annette at overlook in that area.

We met with this lady the other day who is living in really humble circumstances, and used to be really active. But she has an extremely bad infection in one leg that can't be cured for some reason, and it has gone almost all over her leg from the knee down. She has respiratory problems now too. But, know what she said? Other than these problems, I am o.k. and don't worry about me. she wants to come to church but can't take the public trans. because of her leg. She has 2 daugters 14 and 16. The 16 yr. old works as much as she can to support them. Look around and see the WORST possible living condition and that would be theirs. There are almost no opportunities for a good life for the sick, elderly 55 up, and young girls wanting to work. They have to retire at 55, and then it's down hill all the way. Be very grateful for your life in the USA, and let your Heavenly Father know that. I can honestly say that I am, and I will show my Heavenly Father that I am by doing the best I can do here, and try so hard not to show discouragement. He does have a sense of humor, that's for sure! Take care and my you find peace and comfort in any of your own life's burdens.


Yeehaw said...

Who knew our folks had such a mushy side!?

Lucy said...

I want a pet cheetah! Is that what that is? Whatever it is....I want one. :)