Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow! A real bathtub! But, hey, where is the curtain? See the shower head on the right,
behind Eld.Dahl. Guess where all the water goes? At least it looks good.

In Anapa at Pres. Krivenko's. He is the fabulous painter. His whole family paints. His father, behind him does. His daughter, Aleena, son, Daniel, and wife, Tatiyana, also. I don't think those two famous missionaries, in the front, paint. They just look good! and work for the Lord.
Anyone up for Milk and.....................................

Bread? Loaves are not put in a bag until they get to the store. Smells good, tho.
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Joanna said...

how could you ever think you weren't exactly where the Lord wants you to be? Those elders need your wise guidance and counsel!!!

Yeehaw said...

Those are funny.

Dahly Mama said...

Amen to Joanna. I am the mother of one of those elders!!