Monday, June 23, 2008

First Post From Russia

23 June 2008
Dear Gregersen Family,
My name is Sister Cameron. My husband and I are serving here in the Russia Rostov Mission as the office couple. Sister Gregersen asked me to write you to let you know they arrived safely in Krasnodar and are all settled in their apartment. We went down with them and helped them for 3 days. We served in Krasnodar for 3 months before coming to the office last year, so we know our way around there pretty well. We showed them grocery stores, transportation, the branch building, etc. We tried to set up their internet but couldn't get it to work. Hey, that's Russia for you.
Sister Gregersen will email you as someone helps her set it up this week.She said to tell you they are fine, and to pray for them. She feels really out of her element. Their apartment is in the city on the 8th floor of their building. She says that Challis house is looking pretty good right now!!She will write more as soon as she can.
Love, Sister Cameron
Russia Rostov Mission Office


Yeehaw said...

Glad to see you're wearing MY kids' tie!
Thank Sister Cameron for us all... we've been anxiously waiting for an update!
Love you both!

Jerica said...

my dad jerry says hey
ps. hay is for horses

Jojo Baird said...

How marlo would notice you are wearing her kids tie obviously confirms her vanity and obsessive behavior, I on the other hand was looking at the pictures thru Christ like eyes and saw the love and excitement you all are protraying. Thank you for the wonderful examples you are!

Sherrilynn said...

At least you are still smiling Corinne. I'll be praying for you. Remember, Be Brave!

Ramona Murdock said...

It's so nice to see your smiling faces again. I have missed you both very much. I will enjoy following your mission on your blog.

Joanna said...

You guys need to get blogging! We want up dates here!!!